The manufactures of plasma TVs have developed and are now releasing the first generation of 3D Plasma TVs.  These plasma TVs will have to compete for the 3D market alongside the 3D enabled LED and LCD TVs which are also being released to coincide with the release of the current 3D movies such as Avatar and Alice in Wonderland onto DVD.

One of the new 3D plasma TVs which has been released is the Panasonic Viera TC-P50VT25 which is the top of the line for the new full high definition 3D plasmas in the Panasonic range.  This model has many features including the new 1080p infinite black pro panel and THX movie mode and most importantly has  full HD 3D mode which sends a full 1080p image to each eye for a 3D picture that is also in High Definition.  For 3D viewing eyewear needs to be worn and is included with the plasma TV.

The advantage that plasma TV have over LED and LCD in regards to presenting 3D and 3D in High Definition is the higher resolution and refresh rates of the plasma over the LED and LCD televisions.  LED and LCD TVs have struggled with refresh rates and resolution but have improved this in recently released models but the plasma TVs have a greater resolution which gives a superior picture to the current LED and LCD TVs.

The current 3D plasma TVs also have the advantage of greater depth perception within the picture as well as superior black levels that are much sharper than the LED and LCD TVs.  The technology of a plasma TV has always produced a picture with greater depth than the other types of TVs and this becomes more evident when the 3D capabilities are compared.  As well as this the 3D plasma TVs also have a larger viewing angle than the LED and LCD TVs which is important for consumers who have TVs set up in rooms with people viewing from the sides of the TV.

The disadvantages of 3D plasma TVs comes down to the price and also the energy consumption.  LED and LCD TVs are by far more energy efficient than plasma TVs but there has been some advances in making plasma TVs that are more environmentally friendly.  Plasma TVs are also more expensive to initially purchase than other types of TVs but overall for quality 3D viewing the plasma TVs were the most adaptive technology and currently provided the best 3D features.

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