Following on from the success of 3D movies such as Avatar and Alice in Wonderland the electronic industry has moved to develop and release 3D TVs which can give the viewer the cinema 3D effects in the comfort of their own home.  Two companies, Samsung and Sony, are the first to set a date for the release of 3D TVs which will start appearing in stores from July.  The release date of the 3D TVs will coincide with many of the current 3D movies that are showing in cinemas becoming available on DVD.

As with most releases of new technology the prices for new 3D TVs will be quite expensive with prices around the $US3000 for models from the Samsung range and the Sony models available for upwards of $US2000.  Pricing of 3D TVs for the Australian market has not been released to date but considering the US pricing the first 3D TVs will be at the high end of the technology market.  As well as the purchase price of the 3D TV consumers will have to spend money on the purchase of a 3D ready Blu-ray player, cabling such as HDMI cables to connect the blu-ray player and the 3D TV and of course a few pairs of 3D glasses for yourself and the rest of the family.  For people who have Sony equipment such as a Playstation 3 this unit is 3D ready so you can save a bit of money as you don’t have to purchase a separate 3D ready Blu-ray player.

The release of 3D TVs comes as many new 3D movies are being launched in the cinemas.  Over the last year there has been a significant increase in the number of new movies and popular 2D movies being available in 3D.  This increase in the use of 3D has then naturally moved to providing this type of movie format being available in your home.

Some of the initial cons of investing in a 3D TV at this early release stage is that the TV networks in Australia are not currently offering any broadcasts in the 3D format and there has been no date set for when or if they will in the near future.  This means that 3D TV households will only be able to watch 3D blu-ray movies in the 3D format.  The other con with current 3D TV technology is that the glasses needed to generate the 3D effect are quite expensive and they cannot be used across different brands of 3D TVs.

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