The Year of Smart TV?

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

This year’s TV buyers may have little choice but to come home with a whole lot of bells and whistles. New TV sets are now being made on a new standard that includes internet hookup, which opens the door to hordes of other features: movie streaming, catch-up services, and even apps like Angry Birds. These […]

Ten years ago, at the turn of the new millennium, a 42-inch plasma screen would go for close to $20,000. This would get you a standard-definition set that let you watch your 90s shows in a whole new light, not to mention saving you a considerable amount of electricity. It was as 21st-century as you […]

The Unmatched Sony LED TV

Friday, December 18th, 2009

What sets Sony apart from all its competitors? Sony as everyone knows, is the leading manufacturer of LCD televisions across the globe and now, they have made their products even better with the mind-blowing innovations they have showcased in their new television models that boast of newer features and designs seen and proved by the […]

Sony LED TV with Tri Colour Technology

Friday, July 24th, 2009

Sony has further enhanced the picture quality of its new range of LCD TV’s by using Tri-colour LED backlighting technology called RGB Dynamic LED. This is the next step up from using the conventional LED lighting which is white light.  The reason this is so exciting is because it creates more colours and increased depth […]

40 inch ZX1 Series Full HD BRAVIA LED TV Sony has brought out a fantastic series of televisions incorporating the new LED TV technology into their design.  This technology is a new way of lighting the image on the screen with impressive results when compared with the traditional LCD TVs which use the bulky CCFL […]